Students & Graduates

Students & Graduates

Internship Programs

Each year, we accept applications for internships from candidates all over the world. Our 10-12 weeks programs aim at giving you the best possible insight of the world’s environmental and energy markets.
We look for the best candidates with strong academics and a will to perform beyond expectations.

While at AitherCO2 you will participate in the day to day activities supporting our staff in their operations and helping them succeed in their tasks.

There is no specific time for applying for an Internship at AitherCO2, but do consider that we require a full time commitment.

Our selection process can be challenging and we require to satisfy the following conditions before considering to submit your application:
  • Strong academic skills
  • Excellent research and analysis skills
  • Interests in financial markets
  • Willing to work over regular business shift
  • Able to work in a team
  • Excellent spoken and written English, additional languages are a plus
  • Strong computer skills
  • Be prepared to take an attitude test

If You feel You meet these requirements we would love to hear from you. Please send us Your CV and a Cover Letter.

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Analyst Programs

The best way to start you career is through an analyst program at AitherCO2. Whether you are looking to join the sales team in London or become a project developer in Dakar you will have the chance to learn and grow from some of the best in the financial and environmental markets.

Whatever part of the Company you join, you will be building on AitherCO2’s global presence and longstanding reputation as an industry leader.

Our Analyst come from the most diverse backgrounds and join a multicultural team of talented professionals.

Our selection process is hard and aims at accepting only the best possible candidates. During you selection process you will find yourself in an extremely competitive environment and you will have the opportunity to express all of your abilities.

Although we do accept applications from all college backgrounds we do suggest to consider that AitherCO2 is focused on performance and you should feel comfortable with the following skills when considering to apply:
  • Excellent academics
  • Good financial understanding
  • Excellent research and analysis skills
  • Strong verbal and written communications skills
  • Strong “Office Suite” skills, especially in Excel
  • Be able to work in extreme conditions and over hour
  • Be able to perform in a Team as well as alone.
  • Excellent knowledge of at least two additional languages on top of English.
  • Fast problem solving skills.

If you think you have what it takes to perform at AitherCO2, we look forward to receiving you application. Please send a CV and Cover Letter.

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