Aither derives from ancient greek: It’s the divine personification of the atmosphere meant as “the purest sky”, “superior air” that only Gods can breathe, as opposed to the air breathed by mortals.


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About Us:

AitherCO2 is a provider of financial services to the world’s environmental and energy markets offering brokerage and trading solutions for companies subject to compliance as well as to private investors seeking portfolio diversification.

We provide:

- Selling and buying solutions of carbon credits in the EU ETS market
- Structuring of tailored products for carbon management in companies
  subject to compliance
- Development of voluntary offset projects
- Environmental credit market analysis
- Development of corporate sustainability strategies
- Environmental policy consulting
- Structuring of green investment portfolios


With our headquarters in Milan and offices in London U.K., we strive to bring our expertise to clients around the globe by providing fast and reliable services in the environmental markets.

We can help companies in developing clean projects to increase their green sustainability and maximize the potential of their carbon credit portfolios.

Our Team:

AitherCO2 has a Team of professional traders ready to satisfy clients at any time and for every need. The advanced market knowledge has allowed us to have a deep understanding of the market and his evolution, managing to obtain good performances even in markets turmoil. AitherCO2’s motto is to make possible what at first sight might look impossible. We pursue the objective of reducing Carbon Emissions to provide a better and cleaner environment to future generations. We want do demonstrate that a greener tomorrow is possible also thanks to the team that we at AitherCO2 have..that you as a client have.


Corporate Overview:

AitherCO2 was founded by a group of professionals active in the financial world and specifically in the Commodity and Environmental Markets. The Main focus of AitherCO2 is to bring to its clients tailored solutions to their needs in matters of carbon trading and offsetting as well as building green only portfolios for private investors.

Currently covering the European market with offices in London and Milan we believe we have the knowledge and experience to be successful in every situation we may face in the market day after day.

We rely on the best team members available and the best market information providers to be always one step ahead in this complex and unclear market. The importance of reducing the impact of our industries on the environment has become a crucial matter for the sustainability of our planet, and as the climate changes, our behavior should as well. Becoming carbon neutral isn’t an easy matter and takes time, that is why, AitherCO2, seeks to help in the transition of neutralizing environmental impact and reduce the related costs by working everyday to bring the best possible services to its clients. Our advisory and investment Team provides private investors with the knowledge and tools necessary to build and select profitable green investment portfolios by monitoring the major green-only funds and by building ad-hoc strategies for every need.

To inquire about our services please visit our contacts.