Italian White Certificates

Italian White Certificates

White Certificates (Energy Efficiency Certificates) are tradable certificates on the GME’s market released by the GSE following energy efficiency interventions in energy end-uses.

The mechanism was introduced through the Ministerial Decree of the 20th July 2004 and the purpose of this directive are the primary energy savings made by electricity and gas distributors with more than 50.000 end-users linked to their distribution network. The savings are measured in Tons of Oil Equivalent (TOE) and one TOE corresponds to one White Certificate. Every year all distributors with more than 50,000 clients linked to their networks must achieve their targets by implementing energy efficiency measures or through the purchase of White Certificates on the GME’s market.


Being among the first players in the white certificates market as an ESCo, AitherCO2 has become the benchmark for many Clients that need to improve their industrial processes and operate within this legal framework. Our team is composed of engineers and consultants dedicated to support our clients in all aspects of this system, starting from the feasibility study through to the certificates’ delivery and the sale on the GME.

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