AitherCO2 offers to all its clients subject to EU ETS compliance complimentary attendance to our training courses held by our experts and tailored to the client specific market and needs.

The aim of the courses is to provide a complete overview of the EU ETS and to analize the problems and opportunities of the specific industrial sector. The courses will also explain in a clear and precise way the trends and the dynamics of the market, the various trading and hedging options and will develop the critical knowledge which is necessary to operate with diligence and professionalism in the EU ETS.

Among others training focuses on the following subjects:

  • The EU ETS Market
  • Market dynamics
  • Emission allowances: an asset, not a cost
  • Allowances portfolio management
  • Trading: how to operate in the market
  • Advanced instruments for risk hedging and cost management: Swaps, Futures, Options and Lending

We provide this service directly on site, at the client’s office or any other place convenient for him/her.

After the client has attended the course he/she will be in a position to choose between:

  • Setting up a trading desk: in this case we support the company in the necessary steps a state of the art desk to operate in the EU ETS.
  • Use AitherCO2‘s services: in this case the client appoints AitherCO2 to deal with the issues related to the EU ETS. We provide every service that may be required including: Futures, Forwards, Swaps, Options and Lending Agreements.

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