Why Africa

Why Africa

Africa as a continent has huge potential but has been overlooked for quite some time due to a lack of access to information, readily available resources and general infrastructure not to mention political stability. With much of the world now developed, there is an even greater need to explore new opportunities. Africa, among others, offers unlimited opportunities for those willing to explore new emerging markets.

Many are still not aware of the investment opportunities that Africa has to offer or simply how to approach and set up channels whilst respecting cultural values and adapting to the different mentalities. With many natural resources and the hunger for growth, there is a need for better management of its hidden potential starting from the ground up.

Prior to the global crisis various studies were conducted on companies operating in African states and it was found that these companies’ average return on capital was around two-thirds higher than that of comparable companies in China, India, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Lastly an analysis of a series of surveys of several thousand manufacturing firms around the developing world found that, at the margin, capital investment had a higher return in Africa.

There are still many hurdles for Africa to overcome but so far they have made steady progress and are ready to offer an infinite number of investment opportunities. Africa has been taking small steps socio politically speaking and is now becoming more attractive in many regions, offering greater reassurances of stability when one speaks of making an investment in a country and its population.

We recognize the need to unlock this potential by not exclusively developing resources and managing projects but also to assist various communities improve their quality of life and reach out to the rest of the world.

Africa is fragmented into many different countries, and even in aggregate the continent is a fairly small economy where a lot of its resources have been left undeveloped. The objective is to implement models which can be replicated in other African countries according to their needs whilst giving the due respect where needed to cultural values.

We expect in the not too distant future the pace of development to increase fairly quickly and those willing to consider Africa as a place of emerging markets favorable for investment will most certainly realize a great benefit. The greatest hurdle is choosing where to start and in this respect we believe we have the right foundations, access to strategic information and the right channels not to mention the right foresight.